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The Bunnies
Knew Better

She's Fallen
Down Dead

The Child With
A Bent Spine

The Four Chairs

The House of the
Man That Died

Rat Poison

Victoria In
The Woods

The Family Name



Hideous Bliss

Danse Macabre

Dog That Bit Son

The Favorite
Pastimes of
Rotten Children

Old Perverts and
Small Animals

Death Made Simple







































































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Dr. Woffenbacher’s Realistic Replacement Eyes is a fictitious sample case of prosthetic eyes. The box of eyes was designed to simulate a Victorian artifact retrieved from the days of traveling medicine shows and quackery. Upon the lid is a tromp l'oeil illustration with a false perspective meant to trick the eye. The illustration points to a floating eye hinting of the box’s contents. Inside the box are four different colored fake glass eyes to choose from. There is also a miniature accordion book of instructions for the insertion and removal of a prosthetic eye.

Dr. Woffenbacher

Dr. Woffenbacher’s Realistic Replacement Eyes, 2016 – Handmade Box/Eyes/Accordion Book: Mixed Media & Digital Printing, black silk book cloth, Stardream Bronze paper, green polyester fabric, digitally printed labels on Canson Effects silver card stock, digitally printed inside sheet printed on Neenah Cream Royal Fiber 70lb text, Sculpey modeling clay, acrylic paint, and acrylic varnish, Box Size: 3.75 x 3.5 s x 3 inches, Accordion Book Size: 2.25 x 2.25 x .25 inches, edition of 3. $400


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The Wicked Hand of Fate, Edition of 2. Number: 2/2 – Handmade, signed and numbered by Eileen Arnow-Levine – 2014, Mini handmade book/box with hand sculpted and painted hand and a set of fate cards. A black silk covered book shaped box labeled with fonts and imagery that evoke nostalgic summer evenings at carnivals with freak shows and fortunetellers. The deck of cards warns of 13 unlucky fates no one would want to endure. The box is lined with midnight blue paper speckled with silver to resemble twinkling stars. Comes with a creepy distressed handmade hand to make the night complete.

Wicked HandJim

3.875" high x 2.375" wide x 1.625" deep , Davey's binder's board, black silk book cloth, blue and silver speckled paper, gold hand painted rice paper, acrylic paint, Sculpey modeling clay, PVC Glue, hemp cord, Digitally Printed labels and cards on Neenah Desert Storm 80lb. card stock, $350.00.


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house box

House Box – Handmade box by Eileen Arnow-Levine – 2012, A house shaped box with removable roof lid to put all your treasures or secret hopes and dreams inside for safe keeping. Aubergine Clouds Nepalese Lokta paper, French marbled paper, PVA glue, Davey’s binder's board, 3.375" wide x 3.25" high x 3.375" deep – $30.00



Eyebox Curiosity – Miniature handmade box by Eileen Arnow-Levine, 2013 – A miniature black silk covered box with a realistic looking blue glass doll eye peering out. Small enough to stay hidden on a shelf. Startle your guests with its piercing stare. 1.625" wide X 1" high x .75" deep, black silk bookcloth, French marbled paper, PVA glue, Davey’s binder's board, glass doll eye – $35.00


punch & judy

Punch & Judy Puppet Theatre, Edition of 2, Number: 1/2 – Handmade Box and Handmade Stick Puppets, signed and numbered by Eileen Arnow-Levine – 2013, A Miniature black curtained puppet theatre with Punch & Judy Stick Puppets.Puppetry can be performed by a woman's or child's hand concealed backstage. Metal Stripe Nepalese Lokta paper, gold hand painted rice paper, black silkbookcloth, black paper, black sheer polyester, Davey's binder's board, Sculpey modeling clay, acrylic paint, wood dowel, PVA glue, inkjet printing, cream 80lb. cover, 10" high x 4.375" wide x 4.375" deep

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