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She's Fallen
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The Child With
A Bent Spine

The Four Chairs

The House of the
Man That Died

Rat Poison

Victoria In
The Woods

The Family Name



Hideous Bliss

Danse Macabre

Dog That Bit Son

The Favorite
Pastimes of
Rotten Children

Old Perverts and
Small Animals

Death Made Simple




















































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Victoria In The Woods

Victoria In The Woods and The Family Name are two books that share common characters. Victoria In The Woods is a sequel whose story is based on a line from The Family Name, “After the ceremony Alexander hung his little playmate Victoria in the woods nearby.” The narrator tells the story behind the alleged hanging and narrows the focus to the relationship between Alexander and Victoria before and after the hanging incident.

Victoria handmade

Edition of 25 - Handmade Book: Handmade, signed and numbered by Eileen Arnow-Levine– 1995, Offset lithography, black ink, Neenah 60 lb. Millstone text, Sobo PVA glue, black ribbon, purple paper, tan paper, jute, gold paint, thread, 5.75" high x 6" wide x .125" deep, 16 pages - $60.00

Victoria In Wood Chapbook

Edition of 300 - Chapbook – 1995, staple saddle stitched, offset lithography, black ink, Neenah Peppered Bronze 80lb. cover, Neenah 60 lb. Millstone text, 5.5” wide x 5.5” high x .125" deep, 16 pages - $6.00