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Rat Poison

Rat Poison is a tale of suburban paranoia. Told as a narrative, Rat Poison opens in an average suburban neighborhood. It is soon revealed that there is a “rat problem” ensuing, despite denial by public officials. As the “problem” is sensationalized by the media, panic sets in. Through slick advertising rat poison becomes the cure-all. Ultimately, the worse case scenario occurs as parents accidentally poison their children. In an effort to avoid responsibility, commercials are soon replaced by public service announcements, nullifying the parents’ role. Soon normalcy appears to return. As the story concludes, the origin of the “rat problem” proves to be one rat which was destroyed by the neighbor’s little black cat. Rat Poison comes with a sheet of labels ready to cut out and stick on bottles or boxes. They also appear in perspective on a variety of bottles within the book.

Rat Poison & labels

Edition of 500 – Chapbook: Front Cover and Rat Poison Labels – 1998, staple saddle stitched, offset lithography, red ink, black ink, Astrobright lemon 80lb. vellum bristol cover, white 60 lb. opaque text, matte label sheet, 5.5" wide x 8.5" high x .125" deep, 24 pages – $6.00