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Dog That Bit Son

The Favorite
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Old Perverts and
Small Animals

Death Made Simple




















































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Death Made Simple

Death Made Simple is Eileen’s first artists book. In 1987, Eileen’s boyfriend Jim (now husband), got her interested in mail art projects. There was an international mail art project that especially intrigued her that was called Level 11 Dead Things. Eileen created Death Made Simple for the mail art project and for personal distribution. Death Made Simple is a parody of children’s activity books. It includes a morbid crossword puzzle, odd picture games, and other macabre tidbits, including connect the dots of Disease Carriers and The Diseases They Transmit and the picture puzzle entitled Help Joey Find The Dead Things.

Death Made Simple

Edition of 500 – Chapbook – 1987, staple saddle stitched, offset lithography, black ink, gray classic laid 80lb cover, white opaque 60lb. text, 5.5" x 8.5", 12 pages

OUT OF PRINT (not for sale - only available for exhibition purposes.)