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She's Fallen
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The Child With
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The Four Chairs

The House of the
Man That Died

Rat Poison

Victoria In
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The Family Name



Hideous Bliss

Danse Macabre

Dog That Bit Son

The Favorite
Pastimes of
Rotten Children

Old Perverts and
Small Animals

Death Made Simple




















































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The Four Chairs

Set in the Victorian era, The Four Chairs is a story about a family and four black and white mismatched chairs. The chairs act as a metaphor for the family’s interconnected and fragile lives. Each chair represents a character. The chairs embody traits which suit and shape the characters’ lives. Ultimately when some of the chairs topple over so do their occupants.


four Chairs

LEFT: Edition of 25 – Handmade Book: handmade, signed and numbered by Eileen Arnow-Levine – 2004, full color digital printing, red silk bookcloth, pumpkin with copper striped paper, 70lb Royal Fiber Natural text, PVA glue, Davey’s binding board, Lineco mouselline, Lineco binders tape, gold acrylic paint, antique thread. 4.5" wide x 5.75" high x .25" deep, 36 pages – $60.00

RIGHT: Edition of 250 – Chapbook with Sepia Family Portrait– 2004, staple saddle stitched, offset lithography, brown ink, Neenah Classic Laid Camel Hair 80 lb. cover, 70lb Royal Fiber Natural text, 4.25” wide x 5.5” high x .25" deep, 36 pages – $6.00