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The Bunnies
Knew Better

She's Fallen
Down Dead

The Child With
A Bent Spine

The Four Chairs

The House of the
Man That Died

Rat Poison

Victoria In
The Woods

The Family Name



Hideous Bliss

Danse Macabre

Dog That Bit Son

The Favorite
Pastimes of
Rotten Children

Old Perverts and
Small Animals

Death Made Simple




















































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Dog That Bit Son/First Hand

Dog That Bit Son/First Hand is actually two books in one. Set up like an ACE Doubleback, the stories start on opposite ends and meet in the center. Dog That Bit Son is a short tale of a boy and the dog that bit him. It is told in an abbreviated but repetitive form that is reminiscent of the childhood classic "The House That Jack Built". Much like a children's book, it utilizes bold large type and simple line drawings as the illustrations. First Hand is a short tale based on a surreal and gory nightmare. It tells of an artist gone mad believing she is creating art by mutilating her fingers and hands. The drawing style is graphic and realistic.

Dog That Bit Son

Edition of 500 – Chapbook with wraparound band – 1988, staple saddle stitched, offset lithography, red vellum bristol 80 lb. cover, white opaque 60 lb. text, 5” wide x 6.875” high x .125" deep, 12 pages - $6.00